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ドクロ このページの使い方









“Kill chain” operations expanded under Barack Obama, who authorized roughly 500 drone strikes outside active conflict zones during his presidency, 10 times the number under George W. Bush. (This number does not include strikes carried out in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.) 
According to a growing body of research, the profound dislocation of this strange new experience can wreak havoc on a person’s sense of morality, leading to a new sort of combat wound: “moral injury.”
The Wounds of the Drone Warrior より)


“Kill chain”「標的の破壊」
profound 深い
dislocation 転置
wreak havoc on~を破滅させる
sense of morality 倫理観



German Chancellor Angela Merkel secured a two-week reprieve in her confrontation with her coalition partner, averting at least for now a collapse of her government over migrants.
Merkel’s Government Avoids Collapse Over Migrant Battle, at Least for Now より)


Chancellor ドイツ首相
reprieve 執行猶予
coalition 連立
avert 回避する



関連:Immigration fight has handed Germany’s Merkel her ‘worst crisis’ in more than a decade

GE, which was part of the Dow Jones index when it was started in 1896 and had been a part of the blue-chip portfolio continuously since 1907, is being replaced by Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., S&P Dow Jones Indices announced Tuesday afternoon.
GE’s 111-year run in the Dow comes to an end より)


blue-chip 優良の(青いチップ:ポーカー用のチップで点数の高いもの)



But Chinese investment totaled only $1.8 billion between January and May. That's a 92% drop compared to the same period in 2017, and the lowest level in seven years, according to a report released Wednesday by Rhodium Group, a research firm that tracks Chinese foreign investment.
Chinese investment in the United States has plummeted 92% this year より)


compare to~と比較する



The blue-chip Dow has been struggling for nearly two weeks, pressured in large part by growing fears a series of spats between the U.S. and its trading partners could turn into a full-fledged trade war.
Going back to 1896, there have only been 10 instances when the average put together 9-day losing streaks. Should it do so again on Friday, it would mark the 11th. The Dow’s longest-ever losing streak was a 14-day stretch that ended in August 1941.
Trade concerns could give the Dow its longest losing streak since the 70s より)


spat ささいなけんか
full-fledged 本格的な
instance 出来事



関連:Trump's trade war will soon hit 65 percent of global business leaders: CNBC survey

関連:Why FANG stocks are hitting record highs despite US-China trade fights

Few people consider used plastic to be a valuable global commodity. Yet China has imported 106 million tons of old bags, bottles, wrappers and containers worth $57.6 billion since 1992, the first year it disclosed data. So when the country announced last year that it finally had enough of everybody else's junk, governments the world over knew they had a problem. They just didn’t know exactly how large it was.
China Just Handed the World a 111-Million-Ton Trash Problem より)


commodity 一次産品
disclose 公開する









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